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What is Whole Tobacco Alkaloids e-liquid (WTA)?

WTA contains minor tobacco alkaloids along with nicotine in the form of a traditional e-liquid. The process used to purify nicotine from tobacco for traditional E-juice is rather specific in that it isolates the nicotine with very few traces of other tobacco alkaloids. The WTA extraction method includes these other alkaloids.

How is WTA produced?

Aroma Ejuice WTA is produced by using a less specific isolation method from whole tobacco leaf. Nothing is added, it is a process to isolate more from the tobacco than just nicotine. From the prevailing literature, the alkaloid profile of tobacco is approximately 95% nicotine and 5% minor and trace alkaloids. WTA aims to provide tobacco's alkaloid profile in an e-liquid form while excluding thousands of chemicals that are present in tobacco smoke.

Where is WTA made?

WTA is produced in our lab located in Chandler, Arizona.  Aroma uses U.S. tobacco and will continue to be produced here as long as it is feasible. Our WTA is produce in our lab under strict guidelines.  Please see the section about us for more photos of our lab.  

Why is WTA being produced?

Some vapers find that substituting e-cigarettes for smoking is not an equivalent experience. They fail to feel the same physiological effects and don’t reach the same satiation levels. For some, this makes it harder to transition to e-cigarettes or to refrain from smoking. The primary purpose of WTA is to provide the “missing satisfaction”, thus helping those struggling with cigarette cravings while vaping.

How is WTA used?

WTA can be vaporized in pure form or concentrated flavor may be added to our WTA. While anyone will be free to use it as they wish, Aroma envisions reduction of usage to those occasions where the urge to smoke arises. 

What does WTA taste like?

Taste is highly personal, some testers report tasting a very smooth, subtle tobacco taste with a more comprehensive throat sensation and a mouth aftertaste reminiscent of when they were smoking traditional cigarettes.

What does WTA feel like?

Again personal, some testers reported a calming effect. This sensation might be akin to smoking a cigarette first thing in the morning or after a long break. Others also reported reaching a satisfaction level which caused them to actually put down their e-cigarette for a while. Your individual experience may differ and these effects might be more pronounced
with initial usage.

Who developed WTA?

Aroma didn’t pioneer or invent the concept or process. That credit goes to DVap, Kinabaloo, Tceight and others on ECF who were active in discussing the limitations of current E-liquids.  Our process of bringing WTA to market as a viable product had critical help from DVap, who assisted us with this development and oversight.  Aroma is the first with offical endorsement and support from these members in the community.  

What does WTA contain that regular e-liquid doesn’t?

Whole Tobacco Alkaloids (alkaloids extracted from whole tobacco). Again, nothing is added to WTA. We are simply isolating more of the alkaloids from tobacco than just the nicotine.

Is WTA being tested?

Yes. Each batch will be submitted to an independent laboratory for gas chromatography analysis to verify the absence of contaminants. As our WTA grows as we hope it does, we envision additional laboratory testing to confirm the absence of additional classes of possible  contaminants.

Is WTA safe?

This question should more properly be, "Are e-liquids safe?" Certainly WTA avoids the many by-products from tobacco combustion, but there can be trace carcinogens known as tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA’s). These TSNA’s can be present in E-juice, NRT's,
snus, chew, WTA, and any other product derived from tobacco. NRT’s show the lowest value of TSNA’s. Whenever you have a tobacco product, it will most likely contain some amount of TSNA’s. With products derived or extracted from tobacco there is always a chance of inhaling these TSNA’s. The safest approach is not to ingest any form of tobacco product at all. By using e-cigarettes we are aiming for a reduced risk versus smoking tobacco, but there is risk. WTA is a more complex mixture than an e-liquid containing only nicotine. Logically, WTA is not as safe as a nicotine only e-liquid. It is, however, this increased complexity that we believe affords WTA the ability to help a struggling vaper not fall back to smoking analogs.

Is WTA addictive?

Due to the additional alkaloids present, WTA liquid may be more addictive than an eliquid containing only nicotine. Research generally focuses on the addictive nature of nicotine, so a definite conclusion is difficult to reach. Certainly with WTA's ability to provide greater satisfaction than an e-liquid containing only nicotine, it is possible that one may develop a psychological, if not a physiological, dependence on the substance that provides that satisfaction.

When will WTA be available?

A limited release will be available on September 24th 2011. Demand has already far exceeded existing supplies but Aroma will strive to service all who wish to try WTA e-liquid. We will need your understanding and patience. We need to develop larger scale operations and are actively engaged in pursuing a process scale that can meet demand.

How much will WTA cost?

WTA will initially cost $12.00 for a 10 mL bottle with a choice of our popular flavors. 

Why does WTA cost so much and will the price come down?

The process of isolating WTA is complicated and time-consuming, requiring the labor of skilled professionals. Moreover, there are additional material costs, independent testing.  fees plus consultants which all add up to a much higher base cost for WTA than a product containing only nicotine. Furthermore, It is also much more costly to make WTA in small batches. We’re confident that with a larger production scale, unit cost will decrease and these savings will be passed along to the vaping community.

Why should I try WTA?

Actually, we don't believe that WTA is necessarily a product suited for you, so this is a question you'll have to answer for yourself. If you're happy vaping e-liquid containing only nicotine and you don't miss cigarettes or find yourself craving cigarettes while vaping, then WTA is most likely not for you and we would advise you not to try WTA. We envision WTA as a tool to help vapers stay away from cigarettes and it is not our desire to lead vapers back toward cigarettes.

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